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Know Your Rights

Main Features

Legalswipe informs people of their rights during interactions with police. We are currently adding further information and developing into additional areas of the law. We have worked closely with the community to inform our present development. We meet our goal of educating the public through several key features:

Quick Navigation

Through the use of situation based cues, users can quickly learn situation specific information.

Easy to understand

The user is given the exact words to use and a clear idea of their rights depending on the situation.

Broadcast Messaging

Send emergency contacts a personalized message with ongoing updates of your geographic location.

Dropbox Audio & Video Recording

Record audio and video to be e-mailed to emergency contacts and uploaded to synchronized Dropbox accounts.

Guiding Principles

The development of Legalswipe is informed by extensive community engagement. We believe that by edcuating people on the legal process we can empower them to better navigate the world they live in.


Community focused development

Legalswipe was conceived by Christien Levien. As a teenager he was assaulted by police and gained a first hand understanding of the difficulty in navigating the legal system. He had developed the Legalswipe prototype shortly after his graduation from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. In July 2015, the app was launched in Toronto Canada . The application's development is informed by the four principles of accessibilty, simplicity, user focus, and efficiency.

  • We work to educate users from all demographics on their legal rights.
  • We provide education that is easy to navigate and understand.
  • The development of Legalswipe is determined by the needs of the community.
  • We're constantly striving to create a faster and more intuitive user experience.





Educational Workshops

We're conducting legal rights workshops in both schools and community spaces. The workshops allow us to engage with attendees to better understand their legal issues, educate them on their legal rights, and inform them of the resources they can access when they face legal problems.

Pathways Digital Bridge

Our inaugural workshop for 2016 featured guest speaker lawyer/activist Saron Gebreselassi


We are exceptionally grateful for all of our partners & supporters.

Without them, the continued development of Legalswipe would not be possible.

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